The Orchid Killers

The Orchid Killers are

Karen Frindell Teuscher: banjo, vocals

Kevin Teuscher: guitar, vocals




Brian Carlisle: Fiddle

Tony Robinson: Upright Bass

Henry Nagle: Guitar



Karen and Kevin first met in '06 as members of the Sonoma County, CA band Juan Boulder. Natural progression led to several collaborations including marriage and The Orchid Killers. Mainstays of the Northbay Hootenanny scene, they can be found in acoustic venues, old time jams, historic neighborhood street parties, and farmer's markets. Their first album 'Portraits Engrained' was finished in late 2012.


Banjo runs like rain on a shingle roof, roadside creeks on a winter drive, late nights and bad boyfriends scourged by the ghost of Patsy Cline. Add a drunken banjo player in the backyard (hint - it's not Karen) and you get a taste of The Orchid Killers. Guitar from 1936, echoes of another time in the harmonies, gaps bridged between here and now, then and there - and hopefully you and us.